Me up ‘n down..

by phenixwithnomind

It was typed on Jan 2010, umm.. still fucking correct!

The reasons of why I’m happy:

1. I believe in what I’m doing; whatever it is as great as being a hero or as pity as a loser. There is no right or wrong..

2a. I love what I worth to do so;
2b. I know what I’m doing for; whatever it is understandable or unreasonable. There is only me in the world..

3a. I stumble with my own steps;
3b. I content what I should regret;
3c. I move into anywhere I’ve never been;
3d. I live what I’m dreaming about; whatever it is a dream in reality or a reality in dream. At least I am getting experienced

4. I gaze what is charming to be seen; whatever it is seen perfectly by me or is seen pathetic by you. I see world in beaut..

5. I dun have any understanding but you; whatever there is real understanding exist or believing endure. There is only me & you, from the edge of cliff to the bottom of ocean..

The reasons of why I’m sad:

1. I betray what my faith is; while the most wrong decision was made..

2. I loss the tone which is used to; while the communication was gone..

3. I disappoint who is expecting on me; while the who is who I’m expecting..

4. I twist the straight line to the destination; while I even disdained about my laziness..

5. I am out of your sight; while I’m being too teeny to be perceived..