ipad made echograph come in seconds..

by phenixwithnomind

*pics might need to click to see the awesomeness

Remember this awesome gif? Finally I know its called echograph / cinemagraph(trade marked by  Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg)..

The iOS are still far ahead with the creative apps like this one(hope come fast to android)

 Echography by Clear-Media, it seems a powerful echograpgh creating tools.. Sorry about the seems, becoz I have only ipad1 which cannot meet the min. requirement.. Of course it gets fast sharing to facebook, tweeter, but I’m wondering if facebook and tweeter can show gif properly.. Another thing good is this app can output as mp4, which can surpass the gif low color bit weakness..

Beside, I wonder the use of echograph is best in Fashion, or say something with closer shot,  micro , as Jamie Beck did(invent?). Otherise, it i will be more like a annoying looping clip(nice face  did help even in looping~)..