3-Way Street by RonConCocaCola..

by phenixwithnomind

After there is a new gov estate landed in my living district, more and more dare-devil cyclists (the pupil, the house wife, the elderly, not the sportive one anyway..) crossing (out of the road rules) the asphalt road in every direction.. It is dangerous and endangering the pedestrian, driver, and himself..

Above is just emotion expressing, and come to the video in NY.. Things go the same (except there are some fixed gear ~).. I dun think the video is kinda of motion-infography, but its frame highlighting is really catching eyeballs to focus and follow the key object amount the whole picture, especially the color changing of the frames.. However, something I dun like is the description in the left corner is not shape enough to indicate the problem..

Anyway, whatever the 3-way-street campaign will be success or not, RonConCocaCola did  a great work including the nice poster below..

To know more about him, click on his name..