Le Mans..

by phenixwithnomind

In the extremely boredom working place, I’ve peeked the Le Mans and placed here for you who may not familiar about this unique motor racing~  Briefly, this is a crazy match which race 24 hours with over 300 laps in a 14km track. With limited drivers and components to be replaced, the racer which run till last is equal to tough enough… …(for more details, check wiki la~)

All I’m loving in are the coolest outlook of the racer (also DTM indeed~), those racers do not look like monster as F1, but much aggressive than the N-type or JTCC.. Plus, any pictures during the night racing are just perfect, the reddened brake disk, the back-fire, the reflective pattern, the sparks between the super-low body and the road… And of coz, the craze of racing 24 hrs which no such a race do~~

Another thing I would love to share is 2 racers, one is Audi R8, and the other is Peugeot 905.. If you like car, you must know the Audi R8 on road. But dont you know this code name is come from this 5 times winner in Le Mans~

By the way, since 2000, and for race 2009, the new R15 has been produced ~

Actually I know Le Mans from a TV game, and the ultimate car in the game is this, the Peugeot 905. I love dead its outlook, think about it was designed in 1990. And in the game, it is the only one can reach 400km/hr. In real world, Peugeot only produced 2 type for Le Mans, one is this 905,  it played 3 years of race and won 2 years.

And in 2007, after the great success from Audi R8, R10, and R15, Peugeot was back again to beat the Giant. And it did with this 908 who caught 2 Audi R15 behind in 2010 Petit Le Mans. Awesome!! Somehow just like the Nissan R390 in 1997, while the Europe motor company says Jap motor is not tough enough to do the Le Mans, the Nissan soon make the R390(for me is the the long+ed GTR)  to finish the race with dignity~