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Month: April, 2010

No sun, no burn..

Ummm.. ads of PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre, by CHE.. this is simple and attractive, and this is enough… Let me think, how about add some more details to make the shadow vary according to the sunlight direction(think about the slanted words while the light is from the right)?


3D image..

(*may need to click in-side to see the effect)

A very brilliant idea to make non-glasses 3D image  with gif.. And the result is real great with the depth-of-movement, although abit dizzy…

Underwater sculpture museum..

Jason deCaires Taylor’s Underwater Sculptures in Cancun, Mexico

Those are some great points to put sculptures into the water up in a flash after the youtube,

– Providing a 3D appreciate experience plus, anyway it is a brand new experience to enjoy art piece beneath surface (wondering if there will have one hanging into the water to provide real 360 degree experience)

– The sculptures can really merge with the mother nature.. (I think the concrete/stone? non-abstract sculpture is the right choice which can fit underwater)

– People say about staying in the water is close to you stayed in you mother.. So, with zero “ground-noise”, you can touch the sculpture with your heart..(but the sight may be abit disturbed by the goggles)

Jason  Taylor’s interview

Durex with street..

Durex with knobs ‘n ribs, how can u defect it~~ I guess, Durex with horizon grids, Durex with vertical grids, even Durex with brick is coming soon ~~