Urban Chickens, via Good Magazine..

by phenixwithnomind

It’s glad to see this “burgeoning movement” thought it is abit fancy in Hong Kong.. But there is one point, I dun think I will slaughter them myself while we have spent joyful moments with them.. There are words form Lisa.S, at her South Africa wedding ceremony, she went to watch the livestock get killed for the food in the ceremony. her words are roughly about “This is the first time I’ve seen this, it is somehow sanguinary but it is really happened, and we have to face it…”

And she raised a bright point in nowadays food supply chain. Especially the people next to you who are yelling about an animal get killed is bloody cruelly, or shouting Jap go hell after watching The Cove.. You dun see, mean not it is not happening.. “一切不曾發生, 直到它被報導”

If you think feed for kill is normal, then killing is a part of it for sure.. So, face it or support the humanity slaughter at least..