Nomadic Poet..

by phenixwithnomind

A creative circular bookshelf created by architect David Garcia, part of the Archive Series.

Hail the detination for the nomadic poet~ You can travel 10 thousand miles while reading 10 thousand pages of books (讀萬卷書時行萬里路).. Even the book worms can be a rolling stone/plup while running down from the cliff..

I really love the ArchiveI (the see-saw one in below) while I like the unbalancing stuff. Plus, the distance from the shelf (and one way only) and the distance from the ground constructed a very peaceful menitation zone out of the ground..

See what David Garcia Studio say about their work:

The Archive Series are investigations on space and books. Its departure point is density and micro spaces, and a series of traditional relationships that humans have to books. Private collections have existed for centuries, but when this is added to nomadic behaviour, curious contradictions arise; this is the area studied by Archive II. How can an individual travel with it’s own library, given that books are so heavy? This is something we can all relate to when moving house. Archive II is a nomadic library, a transport system and an intimate space. Inspired by ancient travelling libraries from the Far East, which visited courts and cities, Archive II transforms this into a personal space, where walking and reading coexist as refuge and transport.