The Mermaid..

by phenixwithnomind

This picture is superior fancy, I’m not  sure about this is a paint or real photo.. It’s beauty is not merely the color tone and the texture, but I really can feel the vital of the sea lion “working”.. Thus bring out the tasteful milkshake like as the mermaid.. photo via barcroft

Indeed, he is the employee of US Navy, who’s duty is to sweep out the sea mine by attaching the mark or leg-cuff on the mine.. Aside of this, they can also act like a police to put the leg-cuff onto the intruded diver, or to safeguard people.. I didnt know that “The US Navy currently have 28 California Sea Lions, 80 Atlantic and Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins and one Beluga whale in service.”.. Wah!! Plus, this kind of “services” has been started since 1960s, and they had rigid experience in the Vietnam War, awesome !!