Concrete Tulou

by phenixwithnomind


I didn’t aware in my first glimpse on this picture.. But was really exciting after watch closer.. It is a real modern Tulou which has already been built and is being occupied.. 萬匯樓 is a project of an Shenzhen based Architecture firm called urbanus. This project is aimed to provide proper residential place for the low-income(below 1500/mth) citizen..

287 units, 39m square per unit with 1 living room, 2 bedroom,  1 bathroom, and a tiny kitchen can be rented in 750 yuan per month.. The project expect the people share the room in 2-4 which can lower the rental to around 200 yuan per head.. There are no extra security and management  fee asked for the residential.. The cleaning  job is done by the people living there with a 8yuan/hr offer.. This is cool, but really let see the mostly selfish PRCese..

The building itself is a community, there are shops, internet room, restaurants, playroom, tennis couch, and even small inn for the friends visiting from far.. I really love this stuff, it satisfy the poor, it extended the tradition and it has done very well in creating a complete community.. I think this is a really good reference case for solving the poorer living problem..