In the killing Vocal..

by phenixwithnomind

From a Dubstep mix (1 hour mix) by ISO 50, the first time I heard about “La Roux – In For The Kill” vocal, I recalled that great great MC Cha Cha performance in Shanghai.. This song is really good for mixing, especially Dub. However, I was fail to extract a quality vocal part from the FLAC file… Anyway, as my thought, there are many mix about this new song, Drum n Bass, Dub, Electro.. And the cool is brother on youtube has made the collection.. check them out below..

* you can forgo the visual, cuz there are no interesting visual be-all-low..

1. Original version

2. Of coz Electro mix is always my 1st choice ~

3. And I love this down tempo+ed vocal electro version

4. The fourth is the Dubstep style remix~