Vertical Green..

by phenixwithnomind


If you got my MSN, you should had seen “vertical green” on my tag for a long while.. I tried to explain to people what is the meaning, but it seems real hard to explain in words.. And I’m so so happy that there is a Vertical Green Farm Project released, even they are not just simply grow more plant in fixed area but plant valuable food plant.. The whole build is almost a complete ec0-system, check the points below which are possible in this kind of building:

1. Can be built in the city with limited area..

2. Provide food sources in short distance, thus low carbon footprint during transportation..

3. Absorb urban waste for neutralization, less landfill pressure..

4. The most suprising point is > Collect fresh water from the plant evaporation for household use ..

… There are more advantages explained in the website..

Of coz we all know this is still like the dream to Mars, but meanwhile its also like the dream to Moon.. We CAN do that, but the question is WHO will do that.. I really want to witness this in my life !! I suggest you to check out the Harvest Green Project 02, it is more less what Japan cities are doing !!

Below “the living tower”, a more practical, farm-office mixed building..