If you are still in Iceland..

by phenixwithnomind

While we are still in Iceland, please also listen to Amina, a full girls group play wide range of instrument. As in the clip above, watching them interact with interesting instrument one by one is a great enjoyment.. Their detailed melody is really cup of my tea ~

In the clip, they played Seoul, Boga, and an unknown song..

While talking about interesting music instrument, I recalled Blue Man Group which is introduced by German.. Since 1988, they base in The State, play not just experimental music but also kind of performance art ‘n lot of visual in their stage shows..

While while talking about Blue Man Group, I have to introduce you the Asia representation, Maywa Denki (明和電機), check out their real cool manual below..

WHile While while talking about  明和電機, I got to tell you our Hong Kong Sotfhard Alliance, clip is all in cantonese and just for fun~ They are common memory of my generation ~