Banksy Exhibition, in a museum this time!!

by phenixwithnomind



Britsh most impressive Graffiti artist –  Banksy has just started his exhibition(yea, from BCC) in his Bristol Museum. Check the video below to see this biggest Banksy collections ~

The picture above is one of my most beloved. I dun really know where is it located, but seems in Palestine, about the “inner-conflict” in between the Palestine teenagers(they were 16-20 with stones) ‘n Isreal Army(yea, army with gun and they did shoot to the teen)… Banksy’s work are always impressive by his street but touche visual. While there are no majority so called “Moral Standard” in his works, meanwhile, he is exposing the fallen of this disgusting stuff.


His name is now popular probably also because of his another nickname “Museum Terrorist” in his earlier stage. I dun know if it was always, he hacked into some museum and put on his own works even with captions. It is always funny with the visitor stunned expression~~ Check out one famous clip below to feel his crazy ~





Pictures above are his works on the West Bank barrier. The 706km physical barrier including those more then 6m height concrete wall, which is used to block the Palestine who were living there (where they called Israel now). I hope you know some about (I also know few indeed) their conflict, better if know about the incident history to feel the impact from Banksy works. Something just should not have been there, but everything is there by Power without justice.


Check out the clip below to see the making of the balloon girl graffiti. This is really cool, while he think something not right, then go there and express his thought, that’s it… Whatever this will change the world or being ignored, just go..