My little Airport 玩大了, 好玩了 ~~

by phenixwithnomind

話說My little Airport, Ah P 寫左首 Donald Tsang, please die 後引起大家嘩然… 雜誌 Face 既記者就好勁咁同 Ah P 做左個電話訪問… FACE!? 大家都知道一定賴野啦~ 個將件事無限放大之餘當然唔少得起 Ah P 底… 雜誌出街後打個突既 My Little Airport  即刻作左首 “給face雜誌的記者ivy” 發洩下.. 最開心係 The Pixel Toys 又 “remix” 左首歌去 support 佢地 ~~哈,真係溫馨又好玩 ~~

Donald Tsang, please die – My Little Airport

According to Donald Tsang slip of speech about the 64 affair, My little airport mainly pursue his speech major idea “we should forgive/forget 64 while we can see how good PRC is”.. Then Ah P sing “Mr. Donald Tsang, if your hands are cut by someone, but then this guy reach very successful and even become the Chief Executive. Then you should forget/forgive him becoz of his done..”

給face雜誌的記者ivy – My Little Airport

The member of My Little Airport – Ah P has been tele-interviewed by a very famous porn-like-magazine. But what he saw after the publish is, amplify  the “Donald Tsang, please die.. and even dig out all Ah P personal information.. So, he use his angry but easy (無氣)vocal to complain to IVY~~

給my little airport, 給face雜誌的記者ivy – Pixel Toys

After the My Little Airport, another local indie band Pixel Toys “remixed” the song to support Ah P ~~ Super warm ‘n funny ~~suddenly I feel HK is cute ~~