Massive fun !

by phenixwithnomind

I dun know if you’ve seen Sony Bravia series of TVC before. I was thinking about it is kinda of Hollywood-like massive CG ads while so-called Millions of investment. In my mind, those ads which are made with massive “foam”, “Rubber ball”, “Bunnies”, “Domino”… I dun really impressed at all. But since I’ve seen their making of, and found that they are using the low-tech/basic-tech to achieve the goal, I was really impressed and have much much interest into this kind of big big outdoor work. It involve so many people, materials, cooperation, area… to achieve a simple but enormous goal, and it becomes really cool now. Also, its provide tonne of joy to everyone around, just fantastic ~

I really want to hold such an event in the future, please bump me as much as ideas you can.

Yo, just check the “Rubber ball” ads, and its making of below and get impressed ~

The making of: